When exporting SHOULD PAY

When exporting SHOULD PAY

All exports must be declared and draw up, taking into account the current regime. In addition, some products must undergo a mandatory export controls. Lists of such goods shall be approved by presidential decree. These may include, for example, the “dual-use” goods – raw materials and components that can be used to create consumer goods and in the production of military products. In exported cultural values ​​is necessary to obtain special permission from the relevant federal service.

The company “Global Export Agency” organizes the transportation of goods by sea and multimodal transportation anywhere in the world. We will transport your goods in a wide range of containers and packaging, but especially our specialty – export transportation in universal containers. Extensive experience in the transportation of export cargo, network of offices across the country and abroad, own vehicles and long-term contracts with major shipping lines – all this allows our highly qualified staff to develop individual schemes of delivery of your goods for export.


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